Keith Hamilton

 hi. i'm keith.



Fun fact: I am half designer, half developer, and 100% human.


Where I live

Portland, OR


Where i'm from

Arcata, CA


current role

Senior Experience Designer, W+K Lodge


principal skills

UX Writing, UX Design, Conversation Design, Creative Writing, Python, Microcontrollers, Backend Development


when i'm not working i'm

Reading, watching movies, eating food, building contraptions around the house, playing emulated 8- and 16-bit games, and, when my kids allow it, sleeping.


Best book ever

God Emperor of Dune


best movie ever

Big Trouble in Little China


best animal ever

Polar Bear

After three and a half years in college, my mom told me to just graduate and to stop switching majors so damn much. I ended up with a Liberal Arts degree with emphasis in Graphic Design and Photography, but not before going through German, Mathematics, Physics, and Studio Art as candidates.

After college, I worked as a Technical Writer for a bank (very stiff environment) where I created a grammar series for my coworkers. I called it Conan the Cimmerian Grammarian. I moved on after a few years there. Then I picked up a job as a Print Designer at a four-color press shop. I lectured Graphic Design at the beginning and intermediate levels. That was fun.

I moved to Portland, OR in 2008 cause SF was too damn expensive. I got a job as a Junior Mac Technician in Wieden+Kennedy's IT department. I needed a job. As a technician, I began learning to automate my tasks away so I could do more fulfilling activities. I learned how to fix computers remotely. I'd jack in to someone's machine from my phone at dinner, and patch it. Eventually, I learned how to write Python, and then moved into a Developer position in IT. What I learned in that role prepped me. In 2013, I joined W+K Lodge as a Backend Developer.

Eventually, I found that I wasn't interested in learning about the dankest Java packages and how to use them—I simply loved the creative application of technology. I loved the human aspect of the experiences we were creating. Over the course of five years, this interest has led me to my current role. I now work as a Senior Experience Designer. I practice UX writing and design, conversation design, game design, and I still get to hack on software when there's time or the project demands it. I think like a programmer, and work like a designer.

The most important aspect of my job is understanding the impact and implications of the design choices we have with respect to those experiencing what we create. Technology is not enough—without humanity, it's just a temporary arrangement of matter.  



Curriculum Vitae



1999-2003 Humboldt State University

  • BA Liberal Studies, cum laude

  • Degree emphasis in Graphic Design/Photography



Technical Writing
UX Writing
UX Design
Rapid Prototyping
Conversation Design
Game Design
Creative Writing
Backend Programming
System Architecture



Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign (CC)
ROS (Robot Operating System)
NLP Services (,
Reply.AI (Conversation building software)


Work History


Senior Experience Designer, W+K Lodge
portland, or


experience Designer, W+K Lodge
portland, or


Software engineer (backend), W+K Lodge
portland, or



IT Developer, W+K Portland
portland, or


SEnior mac analyst, W+K Portland
portland, or



junior mac analyst, W+K Portland
portland, or



senior print designer, Humboldt State University
arcata, ca


Graphic design lecturer, HumboldT state university
arcata, ca



technical writer, humboldt merchant services
eureka, ca



February 2017

donut.js meetup

Application protestation interface: how we can use available technology to join the voice of protest

September 2016

OMSI maker faire

Needybot: the technology of heart

June 2016

W+K Portland

Empathy and robotics (presented to portland international school students and faculty)