keith hamilton

Hi, I’m Keith.
I like to solve problems.



I design for the future of AR and mobile content. I’m also human.


Where I live

Portland, OR


Where i'm from

Arcata, CA


Where I’ve Lived

U.S.A., Switzerland (Luzern), U.K


current role

Immersive Product Designer, Torch 3D


principal skills

Design Systems, UI/UX Design, Rapid Prototyping, UX Writing, Conversation Design, Creative Writing.


when i'm not working i'm

Reading, playing guitar, speaking to myself in German, spending all day Saturday cooking, watching movies, and, when my children permit, sleeping.


Best book ever

God Emperor of Dune


best movie ever

Big Trouble in Little China


best animal ever

Polar Bear


Favorite Graphic Novel

Secret Wars (2015)

My college experience is a neat diorama of my career experience. Its pathway varied and, seen from the wrong angle, appeared to be aimless. That's how I ended up with a Liberal Arts degree with emphasis in Graphic Design and Photography. This came after going through German, Mathematics, Physics, and Studio Art as possibilities.

After college, I worked as a Technical Writer for a bank. It was a very stiff environment. It took a few years of learning what "standard business practice" feels like to realize I was not made for banks. I moved on.

I then picked up a job as a Print Designer at a four-color press shop. In 2007, I lectured Graphic Design at the university I attended. I taught beginning and intermediate levels. That was fun.

I moved to Portland, OR in 2008. I didn't have a job and wasn't being too picky. I got a job in IT, which was a career shift. That job was at the world's most successful independent advertising agency, Wieden+Kennedy. I got bored with my daily routine and started learning how to code my duties away. This was so I could focus on things that I enjoyed. What I learned in IT prepped me for my return to the creative sector. In 2013, I joined W+K Lodge as a Backend Developer.

Later, I found that I wasn't interested in learning the finer points of Java packages. I didn't love technology for its own sake, and still do not. I loved the creative application of technology. I loved the human aspect of the experiences we were creating. This led me to my conversion to UX Design.

By the time I left W+K, in 2018, I was working as a Senior UX Designer. In that role I got to both work on some of the biggest brands in the world, as well as mentor junior designers on my team.

Now, I'm an Immersive Product Designer, working at Torch 3D. I'm helping to build the future of AR content creation. It doesn't take place on a HMD, by the way. We're a small team (12 as of this writing), so I play a lot of small roles that add up to my larger role. I write a little code here and there. Rapid prototyping is a must. 3D UI design? Yes. UX thinking and writing, visual design, wireframing, and the standard fare.

Turns out, the journey I’ve made to get here is 1000% relevant to the work I’m doing. Seen from a different angle, the direction of my college experience was not aimless. It was a straight line to the present.